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An elevating laau oil that hones in on emotional and spiritual care by fine-tuning & focusing the mind while uplifting & comforting the soul emotionally. Enjoy externally by applying a few drops to your temples, scalp, neck, shoulders & heart space for Sage Elevation.

Ingredients: Organic oils of olive, castor, coconut infused with Waiāhole māmaki, pohe kula, blue vervain, nīoi, rose hips; organic/gmo + pesticide free essential oils of vetiver, sage, geranium, ylang ylang, frankincense, bergamot, clary sage, roman chamomile.

• 10 ml clear glass, with steel roller ball
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Herbs grown organically in Waiāhole & ethically harvested and processed with love by us. Rosehips purchased from Kōkua Market, Down to Earth Kailua + Mountain Rose Herbs