Ka ‘Ohana Kini Lā’au Lapa’au

Ka ‘Ohana Kini Lā’au Lapa’au

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The Kini Lapa'au featuring 5 products mindfully made in balance with Akua, Kanaka and ʻĀina. Handmade over the course of 6 weeks by Meghan Au and Mele Kalama-Kingma, this is a wellness and health kit meant for the family to be used within 6-12 months.

NAHE - A salve for soothing tension, muscle and tissue repair

Specifically made for soothing & penetrating skin, muscle & connective tissue repair. The blend of essential oils adds healing properties to this salve, which can be used on muscles, joints, bruises, wounds (not open). Have your ohana apply one of the salves for you or take them with you to your lomilomi appointment. Enjoy externally only with special attention to those parts needing tenderizing-relief from stiffness, aches and pains.

Ingredients: Organic oils of olive, coconut and castor infused with noni, oliwa ku kahakai, green papaya, laukahi, olena, nioi, olena, comfrey, awapuhi melemele, organic black pepper, organic menthol, local beeswax, O/FT shea + cocoa butters.

All laau were grown organically in Waiahole & ethically harvested and processed with love by us. Awapuhi melemele and local beeswax from Uncle Charlie Reppun. Organic menthol and organic/fair trade butters are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.

HANU - A tincture for use internally to aid in cold and cough and respiratory support

Inhale Tincture is a potent, deep reaching laau for respiratory support that is intended for use internally and paired with the Inhale Salve chest + back rub. Suggested use for the tincture is on bottle's label.

Ingredients: Local, 100 proof okolehao & water infused w/ uhaloa, olena, lemongrass, laukahi, popolo, oliwa ku kahakai, basil, nioi, awapuhi melemele, clove, cinnamon, organic menthol, organic vegetable glycerin.

All laau were grown organically in Waiahole & ethically harvested and processed with love by us. Cinnamon + clove (organic) and organic menthol and organic vegetable glycerin are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.

KōHI - Wound wash, sealer and sunburn relief spray

Your ohana's first aid solution in a spray bottle - easy application to burns, bumps and scrapes. The laau in this remedy are made for combating infection, while cleaning wounds, soothing and repairing skin. Enjoy externally to sooth burns, wash + seal open cuts and wounds, follow with herbal stinker balm.

Ingredients: Organic witch hazel extract infused with kalika, popolo, honohono, nioi, oliwa ku kahakai, olena, comfrey, lemongrass, noni, organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic aloe, local honey, paakai, alae, organic/gmo+pesticide free lavender + tea tree essential oil.

All laau grown organically in Waiahole & ethically harvested and processed with love by us. Local honey from Uncle Charlie Reppun in Waianu Valley, Oahu.

HEMO - Congestion, sinus and earache relief massage oil

A massage oil utilizing the anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects of basil to allow for fluid drainage and pathway opening of the sinus area, chest and ear canal. This massage oil is meant to be applied on the chest and under the eyes to relieve congestion. It can also be used on a cotton ball and massage around the ear.

La'au ingredients: 'Olena and Basil infused Organic Olive Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil, Olena Essential Oil, Laurel Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, Peppermint Plant, Melaleuca Leaf, Lemon Peel, Cardamom Seed, Ravintsara Leaf, Ravensara Leaf essential oils.

PULE - Powerful oil blend to deepen the spiritual connection to the source

The la'au in this oil blend consist of the most powerful plants that bring health and wellness. For added protection, we recommend inhaling in the morning and night to continue the spiritual connection to Ke Akua. Prayer is powerful and this la'au reminds us of that.

La'au ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil with Alaea Pa'akai, Organic Frankincense and Hawaiian Sandalwood Essentials oil, CPTG Myrrh Essential oil.