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HANU - Inhale tincture is a potent, deep reaching laau for respiratory support that is intended for internal use - suggested use for the tincture is on bottle's label.

Ingredients: Local, 100 proof okolehao & water infused w/ olena, lemongrass, laukahi, popolo, oliwa ku kahakai, basil, nioi, awapuhi melemele, clove, cinnamon, organic menthol, organic vegetable glycerin.

1/2 oz and 1 oz glass bottles, dropper tops

All laau were grown organically in Waiahole & ethically harvested and processed with love by us. Awapuhi mele mele from Reppun farm. Cinnamon + clove (organic) and organic menthol and organic vegetable glycerin are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.